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Gun Owners of America Endorses Representative Terri Lynn Weaver in Tennessee

Gun Owners of America is proud to announce our endorsement of one of Tennessee’s hardest-working representatives in the fight to preserve our Second Amendment rights!

Representative Teri Lynn Weaver has been fighting on behalf of her district, and all gun owners in Tennessee, during her fourteen years in office. She has co-sponsored several true Second Amendment bills throughout the years, tirelessly working to move them through committees, and always brings fellow legislators on board to advance support for measures that preserve and protect our rights.

She understands the importance of the Second Amendment and fully recognizes it is an inalienable right.

“The right to keep and bear arms means just what it says! It is our God-given right to protect ourselves, our family, and our home if need be, against a corrupt and tyrannical overreaching government, foreign or domestic.” ~ Representative Terri Lynn Weaver – District 40

Representative Terri Lynn Weaver – District 40 with GOA’s TN State Director, Jo Staats

Representative Weaver co-sponsored Tennessee’s Second Amendment Protection Act in 2020. While there were amendments that watered down the original bill — so that it lacks the teeth to hold agencies and their officers accountable if they violate the Act — she continued to fight for passage so that we had some protection against new federal infringements such as the so-called “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” which was recently passed by Congress and signed by President Biden.

She says under current law, we do not have real Constitutional Carry due to the language in the law stating “it is a criminal offense for carrying a firearm with the intent to go armed.” She asked the question most all Tennesseans ask, “How the heck can we really defend ourselves without a gun?”

Terri Lynn Weaver is a true Constitutionalist and conservative that we are fortunate to have fighting for all of Tennessee, especially in District 40.

You can support Representative Weaver’s campaign here, and keep up with her efforts here.  We ask that you also share this announcement with all your friends, family, and pro-Second Amendment communities so that all voters in Representative Weaver’s district know who will do the hard work on our behalf.


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