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HB 1830 Is Bad For TN Gun Owners!

HB 1830 and companion bill SB 1773 are working their way through the Tennessee General Assembly. They are not only designed to establish backdoor gun control for Tennesseans but are also outright nightmares! 

HB 1830/SB1773 would require that the state’s Department of Health collect and compile data relating to the “deaths, disabilities, mental illnesses and economic hardships stemming from gun violence” for annual reporting to county and municipal governments statewide. 

Some of this ‘data’ would be provided by law enforcement agencies to help identify and track hotspots! This means that your local law enforcement would be reporting information – possibly about you – that government lobbyists could use to push for gun control.

Please take action now and help me stop back-door gun control in TN.

The bills, if passed, would create programs that would require: 

  • The Department of Health to create youth programs to include training non-violent conflict resolution 
  • The Department of Health to create a hospital-based violence intervention program including ‘street outreach workers’ to respond to shooting victims and connect victims/families to wrap-around support services 
  • The Department of Safety to develop a firearm buyback programs that would require any firearm “voluntarily surrendered” to be destroyed 
  • The Department of Health to provide a gun safety program through hospital emergency departments and primary care centers. This includes healthcare providers having conversation with family members about guns in the home and offering educational resources and firearm safety devices 
  • The Department of Education to develop a program for children K-12 teaching strategies and nonviolent methods to resolve conflict with ‘community organizations’ 

 These bills, carried by Representative Lamar (D-District 91) and Senator Gilmore (D-District 19) go beyond common sense!  



Please contact your representatives to voice our opposition to HB1830 and SB 1773! 


Bills like this really spotlight the importance of your voice! Gun Owners of America and Tennessee Firearms are joining together March 16th, 2022 in Nashville for the annual “Gun Owners Lobby Day”. If you aren’t registered yet, please click this link and start planning to join us! We are many voices, but together we are one!