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Gun Owners of America Endorses Lee Mills for TN House of Representatives

Candidate Lee Mills isn’t a career politician. He has been a licensed pilot since graduating high school and now serves as a pilot and instructor for Boeing 767/757 jet airplanes.

He is a community member that gives back to the community through his volunteerism and civic positions. He has been involved in several pro-Second Amendment groups and organizations throughout the years, speaking publicly and working privately to preserve and protect the freedoms of all Tennesseans.

Lee understands the challenges ahead for all of Tennessee to achieve true Constitutional Carry.

“Tennessee lawmakers have consistently made it confusing and difficult for law-abiding gun owners to carry. They have resisted the passage of true constitutional carry at every opportunity.”

As a result of putting in the work as an advocate for less government infringement, he has sent the emails and made the phone calls to those very lawmakers that are responsible for the current 3-tier permitting process, and with a true understanding of the obstacles that we face in Nashville, he decided to take on the responsibility of being more than a voice.

It is this very trait that wins our endorsement for his campaign to represent District 99 in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Change is needed, and Lee Mills will work to make changes that support our “No Compromise” mission.

Please join Gun Owners of America in supporting candidate Lee Mills for the Tennessee House of Representatives by visiting his site for more information.

Early Voting ends July 30, 2022. Find your polling place, check your voter status, and plan to vote early or on August 4th, 2022!