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Gun Owners of America Endorses Gary Humble for Tennessee Senate District 27

In 2020, Gary started “Tennessee Stands,” a grassroots group with the purpose of providing Tennesseans with a collective voice regarding constitutional values. His tireless efforts grew quickly, and local branches began activating statewide.

TN Senate District 27 Candidate Gary Humble

“The right to keep and bear arms protects the God-given right of every individual to defend their constitutionally secured right to life, liberty, and property. It also instructs government of an armed citizenry that both serves for the common defense against enemies and against the threat of tyranny from our own government.” — Gary Humble

Through his outreach and activism, Gary learned that our current representation in the General Assembly often asks us to stand “with them,” yet rarely do they stand for us!

I am not a politician. I am bound and determined to defend and promote our Constitution, conservative principles, and the rights and interests of Tennesseans. I am the leader who will stand with you.

When asked “what the Second Amendment means” to him personally, Gary said “It means that no government, nor any man, has a right without due process to threaten the life, liberty, or property of myself and my family. I have a duty to protect my family from harm and the immediate threat of harm. In all cases, I would intend to do so. And the right to bear arms ensure that I have the capacity and means to employ that defense if necessary.”

Gary Humble acted when our nation was faced with unmatched government overreach by starting a foundation that equipped all citizens to boldly assert their inalienable rights, to pull back the curtain that obscures backroom deals that do not benefit nor represent the people of Tennessee, and hold officials accountable.

Gary Humble’s assurance that, when elected, will provide a strong ally for gun owners in Tennessee is unique. Being the only candidate for Senate in the District that:

  • Completed Gun Owners of America’s state survey
  • Completed Tennessee Firearms Association’s survey
  • Signed a pledge to oppose Red Flag Laws
  • Will sponsor and support Constitutional Carry
  • Will sponsor and support repeal of Gun-Free Zones

Gary is the only District 27 candidate committed to protecting and restoring our Second Amendment rights. He has a proven record of taking action that truly represents District 27 and all of Tennessee.

Please join Gun Owners of America in supporting Gary Humble for Senate!

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